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What is Sexual Harassment?

People can be harassed for a variety of reasons. Sexual harassment is a situation in which someone is being harassed because of their gender. Typically, people think of this situation as a man sexually harassing a woman; however, it can be a man sexually harassing another man, or a woman sexually harassing another woman. The usual context in which we see sexual harassment is unwanted advances that may be verbal conduct or even physical conduct which may be sexual in nature. Issues appear when this conduct is affecting someone’s ability to work or earn a wage.

Need a Los Angeles Attorney to Help in Harassment Claim

Sexual harassment is very serious. Often, it is not something that is going to stop on its own. If an employer or a supervisor is brazen enough to conduct themselves in such a manner, our firm’s experience is that even after reporting the conduct to that person’s superior, it is not something that always ends the harassment. It is very important that a sexual harassment attorney becomes involved, not only to cease the harassing conduct, but also that something must be done to prevent this from happening to others as well.

What are Victims’ Rights in Los Angeles?

The legal rights of victims depends on the kind of damages that have been sustained. There are situations in which claims are made for compensation of medical bills if the harassment caused some sort of psychological or emotional distress, compensation for wage loss, or even reinstatement of their job.

How Our Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorneys Have Helped

Attorney Choe handled a very unique case where a male client felt sexually harassed by another man. He was put in uncomfortable situations by his supervisor who would view pornography on his cell phone at the work site, and would then show it to the other employees. If those other employees expressed any displeasure with the conduct, the supervisor would ridicule them which put them in a very uncomfortable situation. This is a very good example of the fact that not only women are sexually harassed by men. This was a man who felt sexually harassed by another man. It was unwanted conduct, and the Law Offices of Anthony Choe was able to pursue a sexual harassment claim, among other things, resulting in a very favorable resolution for the client.

Why Choose the Law Offices of Anthony Choe for Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Claim

A common theme as far as our firm’s philosophy goes, is the Law Offices of Anthony Choe ensures that our clients are comfortable with the entire litigation procedure. They are informed and they are involved throughout the decision-making process. Whenever they have questions about the progress of the claim, Our Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers make himself very accessible. This is something in which he takes great pride.

If you have been harassed in any way and are going forward with the lawsuit, you are entitled to know not only what your rights are, but what you are pursuing and how it is going to affect you. Mr. Choe does not force clients to pursue issues which they are uncomfortable pursuing. This is one thing that sets his firm apart.

In the end, whenever the Law Offices of Anthony Choe represents a client, what they look for is the best possible result and to help maximize settlements. Subsequently, the clients have been very pleased with the results.

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