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What are California Wage and Hour Laws?

Well, there are laws that require a minimum wage, laws that require employees to get paid overtime, overtime beyond a certain number of hours per day or per week. There are laws that require our employees to receive meal and rest breaks. And the number of meal and rest breaks will vary depending on how many hours you work per day.

These laws are there to protect employees. We started our firm mainly doing workers’ compensation. The Wage and Hour Attorneys at Our firm truly believes that a lot of the injuries that our clients sustain are because they’re not being afforded some of these basic, basic rights as workers. Being able to take a lunch break, so if you have no energy or if you’re hungry and you’re being required to do certain work, a rest break, a 15-minute rest break might have prevented an accident.

It goes beyond just an employee being able to take a break every now and then. It really goes towards the safety of employees and the well-being of employees. That’s why there are rules and laws governing in California. A lot of employers don’t follow them. Often, in order to maximize their own profits, employers, in a sense, exploit employees by not providing the proper meal and rest breaks or proper compensation when it comes to overtime. These are very basic rights that are afforded to every single employee.

There are federal wage and hour laws, and there are state wage and hour laws. In the State of California, we have these laws that protect our employees beyond what the federal government protects. Our Los Angeles wage and hour lawyers help ensure that our clients are protected. If they are a victim of these wage and hour laws, we pursue every single penny that they’re entitled to.

How Wage and Hour Laws Were Established

Wage and hour laws are there to provide a minimum standard of living. Our country was built on the backs of laborers. Now, our country is so powerful and great and rich. At some point, what lawmakers decided was that a country like ours should have a minimum standard of living where all workers are able to have certain things that a modern country, a modern civilization should have.

All of this is an element of employees being compensated fairly for the work that they do. As well as the right to meal and rest break, it goes just directly to the health and safety of the employees, as well as employers.

Unpaid Overtime or Compensation of Commission Lawyers Los Angeles

First thing is, speak to your employer about it! Sometimes, they don’t know. A lot of times, employers use external payroll services or staffing agency to pay their employees. Our firm has dealt with situations where they had no idea that this was going on. So we suggest start off by saying speak to your employer, bring it to their attention. Obviously, if they’re unable to resolve the situation at that point, you’d probably need a Los Angeles unpaid overtime attorney that will help you fight for your compensation.

How The Law Offices of Anthony Choe Can Help Get Compensation

We always try to resolve these employment compensation issues informally. Many times, we simply reach out to the employer, explain the situation and try to work with them. When we cannot come to a resolution, we would have to file a lawsuit. Once we’re in that stage, we calculate all of the client’s lost wages. Our Los Angeles wage & hour attorneys want to make sure what we do is make sure that the client is compensated for any meal and rest breaks that they were entitled to and did not receive, also any penalties and interest that the law allows.

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