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Fighting wildfires may lead to multiple workplace accidents

Devastating wildfires in California threaten the lives of countless residents. Thousands of firefighters battle the blaze around the clock to contain the rapidly expanding Thomas fire and save lives. Unfortunately, with the variety of threats to which firefighters are exposed, workplace accidents are prevalent, and some of them end in fatalities.

Workplace accidents: 2 injured on bullet train construction site

Work was suspended on the California High-Speed Rail project on a recent Saturday. This followed one of those workplace accidents that could have been much worse. A report by the California Highway Patrol indicates that two construction workers suffered moderate injuries when a tower collapsed onto a work crew.

Workplace accidents may be caused by fatigue

According to the National Safety Council, almost four in 10 employees nationwide are victims of fatigue that threatens their safety. This is not only a problem in California but all states and across all industries. The problem with tired and groggy staff is widespread, and it puts not only the victims at risk of suffering injuries in workplace accidents but also their co-workers.

Prevalence of workplace accidents involving scaffolds concerning

The high number of scaffolding accidents in the construction industry nationwide, including in California, continues to cause alarm. Typical workplace accidents involving scaffolds include slip-and-fall incidents off slippery or incorrectly inclined platforms or the lack of fall protection or safe anchor points for tethering lanyards. Other hazards include dropped tools or other objects that are not secured on scaffolds or electrocution because scaffolding structures are too close to overhead cables.

Fatal workplace accidents more prevalent with age

Figures released by the Associated Press after an analysis done of federal statistics of occupational fatalities nationwide reveal that the overall work-related death rate in 2015 showed a decrease when compared to previous years. However, deaths in workplace accidents among workers over the age of 55 were considerably higher than in prior years. In California, the rate for older worker fatalities was 60 percent more than for workers overall.

Study: Fatal work accidents far more common among older adults

A recent analysis by the Associated Press found that older workers are making up a growing proportion of the total workforce -- and also that they're at much higher risk for fatal workplace accidents. Are they more accident prone, more vulnerable, both or neither?

3 things injured company drivers should know

Employees whose primary job duty is driving may find themselves in a gray area of sorts when they suffer an injury. Because you do not work at a fixed job site and because you are often under supervision, you might wonder how to go about dealing with an injury that results from an auto collision or other incident. There are a few things that every company driver should know if they are in such a situation.

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