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3 things you should know about seasonal employment

As the holidays grow nearer, retailers and other businesses will be looking for staff who can help during the busy season. These positions are often seasonal and end as soon as the new year begins, but the short length of your employment does not mean your rights as an employee are any lesser. If you are looking for a seasonal job or a company has recently hired you for one, there are a few things you should know. 

What to do when a workplace injury affects your ability to work

When you receive an injury while on the job, you may need sufficient time to recover. In some cases, you may never return to your previous state of health and have to live with a permanent disability. Either way, you are unable to perform your duties due to the injury.

How to drive near a semi truck

Accidents with tractor trailers are the most dangerous because of the sheer size of these large trucks. Consequences include severe vehicle damage, traumatic brain injury and other major bodily harm. Fatality rates in trucking accidents have increased, according to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Safety hazards faced by California restaurant workers

When you show up to work your restaurant job in California, you face a unique set of risks that differ from those faced by workers in other industries. The fast-paced nature of the industry, coupled with the fact that many workers lack experience and are often working around high temperatures and heavy equipment, means that many workers like you suffer injuries every day in American eateries.

Common sources of injury for paramedics and EMTs

Emergency medical services workers, such as paramedics and EMTs, have one of the most demanding and rewarding jobs. For every life they save, however, they face numerous risks of injury and even fatality, giving the industry a significantly higher injury rate than the national average.

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