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Workers Compensation Attorneys

Workers Compensation

Contact us to find information on eligibility, coverage, benefits, as well as resources on Los Angeles workers’ comp and disability law.

Wage and Hour

Wage and Hour Law

Our firm can help you with receiving back pay for over time, meal break and unpaid wages as covered by California law.

Disability Discrimination

Disability Discrimination

Don’t let discrimination stand in your way of getting fair treatment and employment. Our firm can help!

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

If you have felt uncomfortable or harassed at work, please contact Los Angeles attorneys for help. 


We understand that no amount of money can make you whole again — but your workers’ comp benefits can ensure that you obtain the treatment you need at no cost to you. At the Law Offices of Anthony Choe, we’ll help you get the benefits you’re entitled to under Los Angeles workers’ compensation laws.



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Los Angeles Workers Compensation & Disability Attorneys

Attorney Anthony Choe has been practicing law for seven years and is a member of the workers’ compensation section of the California State Bar.

Mr. Choe is a member of the California Applicant Attorneys Association (CAAA) which is a group of applicant attorneys focusing only on workers’ compensation. He also holds membership in the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA). This group of attorneys focuses on plaintiffs’ actions which range from employment law to personal injury.

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Choe-law-firmFocus on Workers’ Compensation and Employment Law California

Attorney Anthony Choe began practicing law as a workers’ compensation defense attorney. He represented insurance companies and employers in workers’ compensation claims for almost six years. There came a point when he felt better suited to represent injured workers. It was something that he became passionate about. Once Mr. Choe started representing injured workers in workers’ compensation claims, he began to notice a need for representation in similar employment matters from clients as well.

What the Firm Finds Most Rewarding

The State of California has created the workers’ compensation system which is intended to provide necessary treatment and provide necessary compensation. Often people are dealing with insurance companies that have an incentive to save money and to increase profits for their investors. However, that does not always translate into what injured workers need.

Many clients come to Mr. Choe when their case is in such a condition that they are being taken advantage of unfairly. It is rewarding for him to be able to obtain what his clients need and deserve. He believes the main goal of workers’ compensation is to get workers back to good health and back into the workforce.


At the Law Offices of Anthony Choe, we’ll help you get equal treatment and assistance for your disability cases in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We will work with your employer to ensure you’re receiving assistance which you are entitled.

Los Angeles Attorney Helping Employees

Employees are the backbone of any firm. All employees should receive fair treatment and compensation for the work performed. Law Offices of Anthony Choe have experience helping employees in many ways.


Choe-law-firmWhat Type of Cases does the Law Offices of Anthony Choe Handle


Originally, Mr. Choe handled only workers’ compensation claims. Since then, he has begun to represent clients with personal injury and employment claims.

Employment can encompass many areas. He handles a large number of wage and hour claims for clients who were not compensated adequately or fairly as far as their wages are concerned. He also represents clients who were discriminated against for any reason. 

Mr. Choe represented numerous clients with workers’ compensation claims. Since some have been discriminated against because of their injuries, he now handles disability discrimination. Also, he represents clients who have been discriminated against because of their gender, including sexual harassment. These are situations that are still very prevalent in the workforce, and when Mr. Choe does see it, he makes sure to pursue it on behalf of his clients.

Why Choose the Law Offices of Anthony Choe?

First of all, Attorney Choe obtains impressive results. As a former defense attorney, he has seen many cases and many settlements. He knows what the values of settlements are. He knows how the insurance companies value their cases. He knows how they evaluate risk and exposure. Therefore, he use all of experience and skill for the benefit of his clients to ensure that he maximizes their recovery. That usually translates to very favorable results for clients.

One thing that he feel sets apart his practice from most other practices is personal attention. Mr. Choe sincerely cares about all of his clients regardless of whether it is a small case, a big case, or whether there are serious legal issues that would make it very difficult for them to recover anything. He does not just focus on clients with big cases. He focuses on everybody equally, and he makes sure that each client receives the same type of attention that they need for a favorable resolution.

As a defense attorney, Mr. Choe often heard complaints about the type of attention people get from their attorney, and that once they sign up with a firm, they will never speak to an attorney again. Mr. Choe personally works with clients and tries to relate to the problems which they are facing. He tries to be compassionate, and he listens to everything that they have to say. He is always available for every single one of his clients. He has clients that have come in from other firms complaining that they made an appointment with their prior attorney and their appointment was for two months out. That is something that is never going to happen with the Law Offices of Anthony Choe.


Sexual harassment can range from unwanted physical contact, sexual advances, and sexual joking to explicit demands for sexual favors.  Not only is this type of behavior unwarranted in the workplace, it is illegal.  We will fight to stop further harassment and obtain compensation. 

Workers Comp Attorneys near Los Angeles

Protected Workers

Law Offices of Anthony Choe are dedicated to helping worker’s receive proper compensation for their injuries.

Workers Comp Lawyer in Los Angeles


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The Law Offices of Anthony Choe was founded to provide the aggressive representation to injured and discriminated employees.

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