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Car accidents: Freak crash between 2 vehicles kills pedestrian

Losing a loved one at this time of the year when most people are excitedly anticipating the holidays can be traumatic because it may mar the holiday seasons of years to come. One family was recently dealt such a blow when a freak accident killed a pedestrian in California. This was one of those car accidents in which all the vehicle occupants survived the collision while a pedestrian who was at the wrong place at the wrong time was struck and killed.

According to a report by Los Angeles Police Department, the crash happened shortly before 9:30 a.m. when the driver of a car allegedly failed to yield as he entered a street from a private driveway. He pulled out directly into the path of an SUV that was operated by a 38-year-old man. Authorities say it appears as if the impact of the collision caused the driver of the car to become unconscious, leaving the car to continue on an uncontrolled path of destruction.

3 things you should know about seasonal employment

As the holidays grow nearer, retailers and other businesses will be looking for staff who can help during the busy season. These positions are often seasonal and end as soon as the new year begins, but the short length of your employment does not mean your rights as an employee are any lesser. If you are looking for a seasonal job or a company has recently hired you for one, there are a few things you should know. 

According to Pew Research Center, retail stores are the most likely to hire extensively and then let go of employees following the holidays. Any other employer that follows this pattern is subject to the same regulations and standards granting employees certain rights, including the following.

Employee rights: Judge enforces 2016 judgment for wage theft

Students nationwide, including in California, take on jobs as servers in restaurants to increase their incomes. Sadly, many establishments violate the employee rights of the students by withholding overtime money and tips. A workers' rights group in another state recently reported the outcome of a 2015 lawsuit involving such violations.

Six students who worked at one of about 70 World of Beer sports bars that are scattered around college towns across the country filed a federal lawsuit against their employer in the summer 2015. According to the students' complaint, the owners of the sports bar frequently ordered the workers to take out the trash, wash windows, mop the floors and clean the bathrooms. The plaintiffs contend that these tasks were not part of their responsibilities, and they were never paid for doing them.

Workplace accidents: 2 injured on bullet train construction site

Work was suspended on the California High-Speed Rail project on a recent Saturday. This followed one of those workplace accidents that could have been much worse. A report by the California Highway Patrol indicates that two construction workers suffered moderate injuries when a tower collapsed onto a work crew.

CHP says three fire engines and two ambulances rushed to the scene of the viaduct construction site. Reportedly, the accident occurred at approximately 2:30 p.m. when a rebar tower fell over. That tower struck another tower, causing it to fall onto a crew of about 12 workers. Miraculously, none of the workers had to be extracted from beneath the fallen tower.

Workplace accidents may be caused by fatigue

According to the National Safety Council, almost four in 10 employees nationwide are victims of fatigue that threatens their safety. This is not only a problem in California but all states and across all industries. The problem with tired and groggy staff is widespread, and it puts not only the victims at risk of suffering injuries in workplace accidents but also their co-workers.

The lack of sufficient sleep directly affects workers in more ways than one. They put their lives and those of others at risk while they travel to and from work. Furthermore, if sleep deprivation continues for some time, it can cause health problems. The conditions that could be caused by a lack of sleep include heart disease and diabetes.

What to do when a workplace injury affects your ability to work

When you receive an injury while on the job, you may need sufficient time to recover. In some cases, you may never return to your previous state of health and have to live with a permanent disability. Either way, you are unable to perform your duties due to the injury.

What should you do in this situation? Should you work despite doctor's orders or quit? What if your employer fires you? To avoid making a mistake that could cost you your workers' compensation claim, you should understand how to answer these questions.

Former restaurant staff claims violation of employee rights

Bar Rouse, a restaurant in downtown Sacramento, closed its doors on Sept. 20. Former employees of this California eatery say this happened after the owner received an eviction notice for violating the lease terms. Several former staff members now claim their employee rights were violated because they did not receive their wages for the period Sept. 1 through 20.

The former front of house manager says the staff was informed of the closure on Sept. 19, and the owner asked her to calculate the outstanding wages for the employees. She says the total amount owed came to approximately $20,000. She also says she asked the payroll office to cut the checks, but the owner allegedly failed to sign them. He then claimed he signed the checks and personally sent each one.

Which injuries are commonly suffered in truck accidents?

Occupants of cars, SUVs and motorcycles in California are typically at the highest risk when they are involved in crashes with commercial trucks. Deadly truck accidents can result from the slightest distractions of big rig drivers, and if passenger vehicles are struck, chances of catastrophic injuries and death are high. The sheer size and weight of a tractor-trailer can crush a passenger car, and it is not surprising that commercial truck drivers are required to have special drivers' licenses.

Victims who survive the crash might suffer injuries that are not immediately evident and manifest over time. The injuries that commonly result from truck accidents include head trauma such as cranial swelling, concussion or other damage to the brain. Sometimes, the victim's nervous system is damaged, causing spinal cord injuries that could lead to paralysis.

Car accidents: 1 dead, 1 critically injured in head-on collision

Shortly after 7 p.m. on a recent Friday, Los Angeles County Fire Department received an alert about an automobile crash involving fire. The California Highway Patrol also responded, and upon arrival, crews determined that two vehicles had crashed head-on. Reportedly, this was one of those car accidents in which one driver passed another vehicle without looking out for oncoming traffic.

CHP investigators prepared a preliminary report that indicates the 57-year-old pickup truck driver was heading west on Highway 138 when he came up behind a big rig. Without ensuring safe clearance, this driver allegedly proceeded to pass the commercial truck. At that time, a 60-year-old woman was eastbound on the same highway, and the two vehicles came together in a fatal head-on collision.

Who is at risk of drowsy driving?

You almost certainly have heard of drunk driving and probably distracted driving and drowsy driving. Practically anyone can be at risk of drowsy driving, but a few groups seem to present more dangers than others.

If you fall into one of the groups below and often drive tired, consider whether you should take your trip at another time, or if there are ways you can minimize your drowsiness and reduce the chances of an accident.

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