Common injuries in the housekeeping field


While the field of housekeeping may not seem dangerous to some, the reality is that housekeepers face risks on a daily basis. This can be true whether you are a housekeeper at a hotel, a hospital or a large business or corporation.

If you feel concerned about your risk of developing an injury as a housekeeper, it can be important to educate yourself. Awareness of your risks may help you avoid certain injuries.

Injuries from repetitive movements

One of the most common types of injuries that you are likely to face as a housekeeper are injuries that occur due to repetitive movements. Because housekeeping often requires you to move the same way over and over as you mop, sweep and wipe down surfaces you are more likely to put extra stress on specific muscles. You can be particularly prone to these kinds of issues if you have worked as a housekeeper for a long time.

Injuries from common accidents

Another type of injury that you are susceptible to as a housekeeper is an injury resulting from an accident. There are many types of accidents that can occur, from losing balance on wet surfaces to hurting yourself while trying to lift furniture or equipment that is heavy.

Housekeeping may not appear to be a dangerous field, but the reality is that housekeepers are prone to a variety of injuries. If you have experienced one of these injuries, it is important to know that there are steps you can take and that you don’t just have to deal with your injuries on your own.

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