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September 2019 Archives

Medical housekeepers face many workplace safety hazards

Everyone knows that nurses, doctors, and other care providers in medical facilities in California face multiple safety hazards. However, the dangers faced by those responsible for housekeeping and cleaning in such facilities might not receive enough attention. If your job involves medical housekeeping, your employer must inform you of all the hazards of your occupation. Safety training must teach you how to mitigate those hazards.

Unsafe ladder use cause many construction workers' accidents

According to safety authorities, falls remain the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry in California and across the country, and the unsafe use of ladders are often the cause. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration says almost one-third of the annual fall-related deaths in construction involves ladders. Ladder safety should be practiced throughout the year and not only during the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction.

Missing machine guards can cause catastrophic workplace injuries

According to the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, the point of operation of equipment and machines in all industries must be protected against any injury risks. Adequate, and properly installed safeguarding is crucial, and it must be emphasized that workers should never remove or tamper with safety devices like sensors or machine guards. The lack of machine guards can cause catastrophic injuries.

Steps to reducing fatal accidents on construction sites

Construction is a type of job that comes with inherent risks. After all, the men and women who work in this type of job are with, on or around heavy machinery, moving vehicles, powerful tools, and heights. It is not surprising that construction workers can suffer severe or fatal injuries when there is an accident on a jobsite.

Workplace injuries more likely when workers are fatigued

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is focusing on an initiative regarding the impact of worker fatigue. The agency urges employers in California to limit fatigue-related workplace injuries by establishing less demanding schedules. Irregular shifts and long, demanding work hours are not uncommon in modern workplaces, causing increased stress levels, poor health and worker fatigue.

Forklifts may be small, but they carry huge risk for injury

While the potential for an accident at work exists in every industry, some jobs carry a higher-than-average risk. If you work in a California warehouse or distribution center, you are among those who are more vulnerable to injury because of the nature of your job and the type of equipment you use.

Another fatal Disney construction workers accident reported

Earlier this year, in March, a worker lost his life while working near the France Pavilion at the Epcot Center, located in the Walt Disney World Resort. Another construction workers accident, this time in California, claimed a second life on a Disney property on a recent Thursday. This time, the Anaheim paramedics that had to rush to Disneyland in response to a workplace accident.

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