Steps to reducing fatal accidents on construction sites


Construction is a type of job that comes with inherent risks. After all, the men and women who work in this type of job are with, on or around heavy machinery, moving vehicles, powerful tools, and heights. It is not surprising that construction workers can suffer severe or fatal injuries when there is an accident on a jobsite.

Construction employers and site managers have an obligation to help make job conditions as safe as reasonably possible for employees. One way they can do this is by working hard to reduce hazards and being vigilant about safety rules and regulations. Another thing that is immensely helpful is to learn more about the most common reasons fatal construction accidents occur and how to prevent them.

The fatal four

Construction workers often require safety training and ongoing reminders about safety procedures and how to do certain things while being as safe as possible. Most fatal construction site accidents are the result of the same few things, which the Occupational Safety and Health Administration refers to as the Fatal Four. These four common risks include:

  • Getting struck by objects, such as vehicles, machinery or equipment moving from one place to another
  • Electrocution by live wires, power lines or malfunctioning tools
  • Falling while working from a ladder, while on scaffolding or while using any other types of heights
  • Being compressed by heavy machinery or caught between two heavy or dangerous things

The Fatal Four contribute to many preventable deaths on California construction sites every year. It is critical for all construction companies, no matter how big or small, to make safety a priority. Employers can do this with ongoing training and specific training for workers in highly dangerous roles.

By taking careful steps during the planning process, employers can promote safety from the very beginning. This includes planning for the number of people needed to complete the job, accounting for what equipment they need and preparing these workers for the job.

The rights of injured workers

If you suffered injuries on a construction site, you do not have to walk through the aftermath of your accident alone. Workers’ compensation benefits allow you to secure necessary help and support that you may need regarding your medical bills, lost wages and even getting back to work.

After an accident, you may feel unsure of where to start. An assessment of your case can help you see what benefits may be available to you and how you can initiate the claims process.

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