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At the Law Offices of Anthony Choe, we understand the challenges people can face after they have suffered an on-the-job injury, been injured in an accident, been denied their fair wages or suffered from workplace discrimination. Any one of these issues can create problems that could ripple out and affect every aspect of your life including your finances and personal life. No one has to face these kinds of problems alone. We know how to navigate the workers’ compensation system and the courts to secure outcomes that truly help our clients put their lives back in order.

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we know how the insurance
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Attorney Anthony Choe spent the first six years of his career defending insurance companies against workers’ compensation claims. During
that time, he defended businesses of all sizes against workers’ compensation claims from mom and pop businesses to Fortune 500
companies. He also learned that he would be happier helping injured workers. So, he began representing injured workers to help them get
what they are entitled to through the workers’ compensation system. He uses what he learned defending against these claims to help
workers secure the real help they deserve.

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