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Workers’ Comp for Cumulative Trauma Disorder in Los Angeles, CA

Not all workers’ compensation claims involve injuries that occur in a single incident. Some work-related injuries are due to stressful motions that are repeated over long periods. These are known as cumulative trauma injuries. They cannot be pinpointed to a specific incident, but they can qualify a worker for benefits.

Cumulative trauma injuries frequently occur in the hand, wrist and forearm area, as well as in the neck, shoulders and back. Symptoms include numbness, chronic pain, tingling and loss of functional skills. Carpal tunnel syndrome — numbness or weakness in the hand and forearm — is a common cumulative trauma injury resulting from work activities.

The Law Offices of Anthony Choe helps individuals in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California recover workers’ compensation benefits for work-related cumulative trauma injuries. You may qualify for temporary or permanent disability benefits and full reimbursement for medical care.

Prompt Action Is Important

Many workers fight through daily pain caused by cumulative trauma injuries because they are unaware that workers’ compensation benefits are available. In fact, insurance companies are lobbying lawmakers to prevent workers from filing for benefits due to cumulative trauma injuries. So if you suffer from work-related chronic pain, it is important to act immediately.

The complexities of presenting the proper medical evidence to get a traumatic injuries claim approved makes it wise to work with a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer like Mr. Choe. Each case is different, but it is critical to show records of how long you have experienced pain and the extent to which they impact your job performance.

An Attorney Who Knows How To Present Cumulative Trauma Cases

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