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Workers deserve to be paid in full for all the work they do. That is just a basic fact. There are laws in place that govern what workers should be paid and how long they can work before they get overtime or should have a break. When employers do not adhere to these laws and violate workers’ rights, it is time to find a strong advocate to help you stand up for yourself.

Here are some of the common types of situations that employees face when employers are taking advantage of them:

  • Unpaid overtime
  • Misclassification of workers as exempt from overtime laws
  • Denied lunch and work breaks
  • Uncompensated split shifts
  • Forcing workers to start before they are clocked in
  • Refusing to pay for mandatory prep time before or after a shift

If You Are Experiencing It, You Are Likely Not The Only One.

Many times, employers are able to get away with this sort of behavior because other workers do not realize that it is something that is probably happening to everyone. Individual workers may feel as though they are not being good employees if they ask to be paid for all the work they do. There are numerous reasons why people stay quiet. But, once they know it is happening to everyone, it often becomes easier to step forward.

Our firm can conduct a thorough investigation of your employer’s business practices to determine if they are adhering to the law when it comes to wages.

Passionate About Helping People

At the Law Offices of Anthony Choe , we are committed to helping workers fight for every dollar they earned. No one should be taken advantage of simply because their employer thinks they do not have the means to fight back. We can help level the playing field for you and help you secure the best possible resolution to your situation.

Wage And Hour Dispute Attorney Serving Los Angeles And Throughout Southern California

If you have not been paid for the time you worked, turn to the Law Offices of Anthony Choe . To schedule a free initial consultation, call 213-788-4448 or contact us online.


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