Top 3 causes of traumatic brain injuries


One of the most common and most consequential types of injuries is a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. The CDC shares that it affects millions of Americans each year and can lead to memory loss, vision problems, worsened coordination, speech problems and other cognitive impairments.

How can you prevent getting a TBI? Know what the top causes are so you can avoid them through the proper preventive measures.

1. Falls

The CDC points out that the number one cause of TBI is falling. These falls do not have to be from high places, however. They can even occur from slipping on a wet floor and falling to the ground. For this reason, you can get a TBI working in any industry, not just in dangerous ones such as construction. You can even get a TBI from slipping and falling inside a retail store.

At workplaces, always wear the proper safety equipment and follow all regulations. Report violations to protect everyone’s safety. In everyday life, avoid slippery surfaces, use handrails on stairs and wear a helmet while participating in relevant recreational activities.

2. Objects

Another common cause is an object striking the head. Again, this can happen anywhere: at a construction site, inside an office storage room or in a grocery aisle. Stay away from areas containing poorly stacked or loose items.

3. Motor vehicle accidents

Auto accidents are the third highest cause of TBI and the main reason for the hospitalization of those 15 to 44 years old. The high impact of collisions can cause the head to strike the interior of the car or for the vehicle to strike the head (especially as a cyclist or pedestrian). Even the brain hitting the skull forcefully without contacting another object can be enough to cause injury. Always wear your seatbelt and avoid distractions so you can react appropriately and timely to hazards.

If any of these incidents happen to you, receive medical treatment immediately even if you feel fine. Symptoms can take time to show up, and the longer you wait, the likelier the damage will last.

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