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What are the most dangerous construction jobs?

Anyone who works in construction is in a high-risk occupation, but certain…

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Health issues could cause construction workers’ accidents

The construction industry is clearly one of the most hazardous employment options.…

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Construction workers’ accidents: Iron worker dies on SoFi site

The list of safety hazards on construction sites is endless. Without compliance…

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Construction workers’ accidents: Dust hazards can harm health

Along with numerous other hazards on construction sites, dust exposure can cause…

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Preventing road construction workers accidents

Every California resident deserves a safe work environment and most employers strive…

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Suspension trauma can cause fatal construction workers’ accidents

The risks of falls are par for the course in the construction…

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Many construction workers’ accidents involve falls from roofs

Spending the holidays in a California hospital and fighting to overcome critical…

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Construction workers’ accidents — the ever-present risk

The construction industry is dangerous. Regardless of how many safety precautions are…

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Trench collapses cause many construction workers accidents

Cave-ins and collapses of trenches are high on the list of causes…

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Unsafe ladder use cause many construction workers’ accidents

According to safety authorities, falls remain the leading cause of fatalities in…

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Another fatal Disney construction workers accident reported

Earlier this year, in March, a worker lost his life while working…

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Unsafe trenches can cause deadly construction workers accidents

Despite the emphasis programs for trench safety run by the California Division…

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Construction workers accidents: OSHA emphasizes trench safety

Federal safety authorities, along with the California Division of Occupational Safety and…

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Construction workers accidents predicted for building of tunnel

A survivor of the 1971 explosion in the Sylmar Tunnel that was…

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