Construction workers’ accidents: Iron worker dies on SoFi site


The list of safety hazards on construction sites is endless. Without compliance with the safety standards prescribed by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, construction workers’ accidents are sure to happen. Falls from heights are frequently cited in death benefits claimed from the workers’ compensation insurance program.

An ironworker on the SoFi Stadium construction site in Inglewood recently lost his life when he fell from the roof. This tragedy led to the suspension of all construction activities on the site while Cal/OSHA investigates it. The circumstances that led to the 60-foot fall was not reported. It is also not clear whether the deceased worker wore personal protective equipment to arrest his fall.

Investigators will assess the employer’s compliance with safety standards. If the worker wore a fall harness that failed to arrest the fall, the reason for the failure would be determined. In some cases, negligent maintenance of PPE is to blame. However, if a defect on the fall arrest system caused the worker’s death, the surviving family members might have ground to pursue a third-party lawsuit against the manufacturer.

California families who have lost loved ones in construction workers’ accidents can rely upon the support and guidance of an attorney with experience in both workers’ compensation and personal injury laws. A lawyer can assess the circumstances leading to the fatal accident and explain the available legal options to pursue a claim for financial relief. Workers’ compensation benefits typically cover the expenses of a funeral and burial along with lost wages. However, when there are grounds for a separate civil lawsuit, other damages such as pain and suffering might be recoverable.

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