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December 2017 Archives

Truck accidents: FedEx truck crashes into car, killing UPS driver

Sharing the busy California highways with commercial vehicles can be dangerous. When passenger cars are involved in truck accidents, the occupants of the cars often suffer catastrophic injuries or worse. One such an accident caused the death of the driver of a car on Interstate 880 in the early morning hours of a recent Thursday.

What are third-party claims for workplace accidents?

When you sustain an injury while on the job, you usually handle the matter through a workers' compensation claim. Your employer is responsible for your safety at work and therefore financially accountable when an accident causes you bodily harm.

Fighting wildfires may lead to multiple workplace accidents

Devastating wildfires in California threaten the lives of countless residents. Thousands of firefighters battle the blaze around the clock to contain the rapidly expanding Thomas fire and save lives. Unfortunately, with the variety of threats to which firefighters are exposed, workplace accidents are prevalent, and some of them end in fatalities.

Car accidents: Freak crash between 2 vehicles kills pedestrian

Losing a loved one at this time of the year when most people are excitedly anticipating the holidays can be traumatic because it may mar the holiday seasons of years to come. One family was recently dealt such a blow when a freak accident killed a pedestrian in California. This was one of those car accidents in which all the vehicle occupants survived the collision while a pedestrian who was at the wrong place at the wrong time was struck and killed.

3 things you should know about seasonal employment

Retailers and other businesses often hire temporary staff who can help during the busy seasons. These positions are often seasonal and end after a few months, but the short length of your employment does not mean your rights as an employee are any lesser. If you are looking for a seasonal job or a company has recently hired you for one, there are a few things you should know. 

Employee rights: Judge enforces 2016 judgment for wage theft

Students nationwide, including in California, take on jobs as servers in restaurants to increase their incomes. Sadly, many establishments violate the employee rights of the students by withholding overtime money and tips. A workers' rights group in another state recently reported the outcome of a 2015 lawsuit involving such violations.

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