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January 2018 Archives

Car accidents: Cross-over driver causes crash that kills 1

California motorists will always be at risk while they travel on the busy roads of the state, even if they avoid dangerous driving habits such as distraction or impairment. The chance of being the victim of the negligence of another driver is always possible. In many circumstances, multi-vehicle car accidents involve only one negligent driver who leaves injured and/or deceased victims in several other vehicles.

Workplace accidents: Bees sting California tree worker to death

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has specific safety regulations pertaining to tree workers. It requires employers to establish a written program to protect workers from suffering injuries in workplace accidents and ensure that only qualified workers engage in activities such as tree trimming, removal and repairs. Along with safe workplace environments, workers must receive safety training to create awareness and improve knowledge of potential safety hazards.

5 common causes of warehouse injuries

Warehouse workers conduct various tasks, such as breaking bulk materials down, labeling items, controlling inventory, assembling items, packaging orders, loading trucks and arranging transportation. Unfortunately, people who work in the warehousing and storage industry face serious risks when they perform these tasks. 

Employee rights: Laborer classified as manager seeks overtime

The United States Department of Labor allows companies to appoint some employees in positions that are classified as overtime-exempt. This often includes commissioned salespeople and people in managerial positions. An employee of Urban Outfitters, a clothing company with branches nationwide, including in California, filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging violations of his employee rights. The worker claims unpaid overtime.

Car accidents on Jan.1 often involve drunk drivers

It is not uncommon for some drivers nationwide, including in California, to drive into the New Year under the influence of alcohol. While that might be part of their celebrations, it often ends in car accidents and tragedy for others. An alleged drunk driver is facing multiple charges after he allegedly caused critical injuries to several people.

Top 3 causes of traumatic brain injuries

One of the most common and most consequential types of injuries is a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. The CDC shares that it affects millions of Americans each year and can lead to memory loss, vision problems, worsened coordination, speech problems and other cognitive impairments.

Employee rights changes for 2018 bring some benefits

Several changes became effective at the start of 2018. Employee rights in California will see changes to family leave and minimum wages, and salary history will no longer play a role, while previous convictions need not be disclosed. The changes will benefit all, and traditional employment challenges faced by certain marginalized groups will be eliminated.

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