Monthly Archives: January 2018

Car accidents: Cross-over driver causes crash that kills 1

California motorists will always be at risk while they travel on the…

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Workplace accidents: Bees sting California tree worker to death

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has specific safety regulations…

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5 common causes of warehouse injuries

Warehouse workers conduct various tasks, such as breaking bulk materials down, labeling…

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Employee rights: Laborer classified as manager seeks overtime

The United States Department of Labor allows companies to appoint some employees…

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Car accidents on Jan.1 often involve drunk drivers

It is not uncommon for some drivers nationwide, including in California, to…

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Top 3 causes of traumatic brain injuries

One of the most common and most consequential types of injuries is…

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Employee rights changes for 2018 bring some benefits

Several changes became effective at the start of 2018. Employee rights in…

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