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February 2019 Archives

Does narcissism cause car accidents?

People who drive for their jobs take safety seriously on the road, but unfortunately accidents can still occur due to another driver's negligence. Many of us assume reckless drivers are selfish people, and while many accidents happen because of another driver's honest mistake, our assumptions may be accurate.

Hazardous chemicals can cause severe workplace injuries

There is an endless list of substances to which California workers in various industries are exposed every day. Just like with other workplace injuries, employers must ensure that workers are aware of the threats posed by hazardous chemicals, and provide safety training that deals with safe storage and handling of toxic substances. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health prescribes the required safety standards.

Unexpected activation of machine causes fatal workplace injuries

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has launched an investigation into the death of an employee in a facility that manufactures aerospace products in Los Angeles County. This tragedy appears to have resulted from a violation of one of the most crucial safety standards for industrial facilities. The victim suffered fatal workplace injuries in what seems to be an incident involving the unexpected energizing of a machine during maintenance.

Safety plans can limit construction workers accidents

Construction company owners in California are typically responsible for the health and safety of hundreds of workers with a wide range of competency and training levels. Along with compliance with prescribed safety standards, the only way to limit construction workers accidents is by drafting a site-specific safety plan to outline potential safety risks and the manners in which they will be managed. Each project is unique, and hazard assessments are crucial before work commences.

Workers' compensation, wage disputes subject to different tests

Some months ago, a decision by the California Supreme court had the labor community sit up and take note. The plaintiff accused a transportation company of wage and hour violations stemming from his service of driving his own truck for the defendant and his classifications as an independent contractor. The court based its ultimate decision on the Dynamex ABC test rather than the Borello Test, which is a multifactor test used to determine employment status for workers' compensation purposes and all matters unrelated to wage orders.

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