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March 2020 Archives

How well will you do your job without fingers or hands?

Most people take their hands for granted. Workers in California and elsewhere wear hard hats to protect their heads and harnesses to arrest falls, but some never pause to think about the hazards of having their hands or fingers crushed. If you are one of them, you would be wise to imagine your life without your hands. A good piece of advice, regardless of the industry in which you earn your income, is never to put your hands where you cannot see them.

Workplace injuries: Slips, trips and falls on construction sites

Slips, trips and falls are prevalent on California construction sites. Safety authorities say same-level falls cause a significant percentage of workplace injuries, most of which are preventable. Injuries typical to this type of accident include knee strains, twisted ankles, back injuries, muscle tears and even fractured wrists if the worker tries to break the fall with his or her hands.

Are virus infections covered by workers' compensation?

Each year, thousands of workers in California fall victim to any of the flu viruses that happen to be around. According to a spokesperson for the California Workers' Compensation Institute, no diseases or categories of illnesses are excluded from compensation. However, whether workers become ill from common flu viruses or some new virus strain that becomes a pandemic, proving it to be work-related could be difficult.

Does your employer prioritize your safety?

Warehouses and fulfillment centers in California pose many life-threatening hazards. If your employer is more focused on the bottom line than employee safety, damaged stock and equipment breakdowns might receive more consideration than your welfare. However, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health mandates that employers must provide workplaces that are free of known hazards.

Workplace injuries cause dairy worker's death

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has launched an investigation into a recent incident that caused the death of a worker. According to authorities, firefighters from Cal Fire and Riverside County responded to Cottonwood Dairy after receiving a call about severe workplace injuries suffered by an employee. They received the emergency call shortly before 10:45 a.m. on a recent Thursday.

Some work accidents might lead to wrongful death lawsuits

Although the workers' compensation insurance program of the state typically covers injured workers in California, the circumstances of some workplace accidents might provide grounds for civil lawsuits. Filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim could lead to more than the basic compensation typically offered by the workers' compensation system. An incident that caused the death of a truck driver in another state might lead to such a lawsuit.

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