Workplace injuries: Slips, trips and falls on construction sites


Slips, trips and falls are prevalent on California construction sites. Safety authorities say same-level falls cause a significant percentage of workplace injuries, most of which are preventable. Injuries typical to this type of accident include knee strains, twisted ankles, back injuries, muscle tears and even fractured wrists if the worker tries to break the fall with his or her hands.

If the worker’s head strikes something hard during the fall, traumatic brain injuries can occur. Conditions that cause same-level falls include walk surfaces that are too soft, uneven, muddy or wet, and distractions often cause workers not to watch their step. A slip or trip can happen in the blink of an eye, and workers must learn to be aware of their surroundings when they navigate uneven ground.

Carrying equipment can cause a worker to fall, especially if he or she moves too fast, and being startled by an unexpected loud noise can cause a fall. Workers can also be distracted from watching walking surfaces by talking to their co-workers. These distractions can prevent workers from noticing wet spots and other slip hazards or not seeing randomly placed objects and debris on a walkway that pose trip hazards.

California workers who suffer workplace injuries are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits to cover medical expenses and lost wages. This applies even if they were responsible for their own injuries, such as being distracted. Many injured workers choose to utilize the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to help them obtain the maximum allowed benefits under applicable laws.

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