Monthly Archives: October 2017

Who is at risk of drowsy driving?

You almost certainly have heard of drunk driving and probably distracted driving…

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Car accidents: 1 dead, 1 critically injured in head-on collision

Shortly after 7 p.m. on a recent Friday, Los Angeles County Fire…

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Prevalence of workplace accidents involving scaffolds concerning

The high number of scaffolding accidents in the construction industry nationwide, including…

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How to drive near a semi truck

Accidents with tractor trailers are the most dangerous because of the sheer…

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San Diego trash truck drivers fight for their employee rights

It is not uncommon for employers to get away with unfair deductions…

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Two ways to recover damages after fatal truck accidents

It is not unusual for motorists on California highways to feel threatened…

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What you need to know about persistent and worsening headaches

If you got into a car accident and hit your head, you…

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Employee rights violation alleged for working 18 months, 24-7

California workers might find it difficult to imagine having to work 24…

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