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November 2017 Archives

Workplace accidents: 2 injured on bullet train construction site

Work was suspended on the California High-Speed Rail project on a recent Saturday. This followed one of those workplace accidents that could have been much worse. A report by the California Highway Patrol indicates that two construction workers suffered moderate injuries when a tower collapsed onto a work crew.

Workplace accidents may be caused by fatigue

According to the National Safety Council, almost four in 10 employees nationwide are victims of fatigue that threatens their safety. This is not only a problem in California but all states and across all industries. The problem with tired and groggy staff is widespread, and it puts not only the victims at risk of suffering injuries in workplace accidents but also their co-workers.

What to do when a workplace injury affects your ability to work

When you receive an injury while on the job, you may need sufficient time to recover. In some cases, you may never return to your previous state of health and have to live with a permanent disability. Either way, you are unable to perform your duties due to the injury.

Former restaurant staff claims violation of employee rights

Bar Rouse, a restaurant in downtown Sacramento, closed its doors on Sept. 20. Former employees of this California eatery say this happened after the owner received an eviction notice for violating the lease terms. Several former staff members now claim their employee rights were violated because they did not receive their wages for the period Sept. 1 through 20.

Which injuries are commonly suffered in truck accidents?

Occupants of cars, SUVs and motorcycles in California are typically at the highest risk when they are involved in crashes with commercial trucks. Deadly truck accidents can result from the slightest distractions of big rig drivers, and if passenger vehicles are struck, chances of catastrophic injuries and death are high. The sheer size and weight of a tractor-trailer can crush a passenger car, and it is not surprising that commercial truck drivers are required to have special drivers' licenses.

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