Workplace accidents may be caused by fatigue


According to the National Safety Council, almost four in 10 employees nationwide are victims of fatigue that threatens their safety. This is not only a problem in California but all states and across all industries. The problem with tired and groggy staff is widespread, and it puts not only the victims at risk of suffering injuries in workplace accidents but also their co-workers.

The lack of sufficient sleep directly affects workers in more ways than one. They put their lives and those of others at risk while they travel to and from work. Furthermore, if sleep deprivation continues for some time, it can cause health problems. The conditions that could be caused by a lack of sleep include heart disease and diabetes.

Poor-quality rest reduces alertness, which also adversely affects a person’s reaction time and can diminish a driver’s performance. Employees can be protected from other safety hazards, such as dangerous machinery or toxic chemicals, but there is nothing to protect them from the dangers of fatigue. Authorities urge employers to avoid scheduling ongoing night shifts and to inform employees of the long-term risks of insufficient sleep.

California workers in any industry who are suffering the consequences of workplace accidents that caused injuries and medical bills may pursue financial relief with that and any lost wages that might have resulted from hospitalization or recuperation. An experienced attorney can help with the filing of workers’ compensation benefits claims. However, a claim may be rejected if such injuries were not immediately reported to a supervisor or the employer.

Source:, “Workplace fatigue affects 40 percent of US employees“, Nov. 16, 2017

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