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How many workplace injuries result from lack of adequate PPE?

Regardless of the industry, employers in California are responsible for the health and safety of employees. A part of that responsibility involves personal protective equipment. From bakeries to construction sites, employees are exposed to hazards that could cause workplace injuries or illnesses if they do not have the necessary PPE.

Festival rigger's fatal workplace injuries were preventable

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health investigation concerning the death of the lead rigger for a Coachella festival underscores the importance of full compliance with safety standards. The rigger fell to his death in April while setting up the stage. He fell from a height of 50 feet, and Cal/OSHA inspectors say his fall harness was not set up to arrest his fall.

The hazards faced during cleanup in the aftermath of wildfires

October through December is wildfire season in California. Firefighters risk their lives to fight wildfires, but that is not where the danger ends. The cleanup process in the aftermath of wildfires poses an endless list of additional safety hazards. Along with the risks posed by smoldering fires, or even new fires, come many other life-threatening dangers.

Lawnmower operators risk serious workplace injuries

The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns employers and employees nationwide, including California, of the dangers posed by riding lawnmowers to workers nationwide. Statistics indicate that each year, 20,000 lawnmower-related injuries occur, and 75 lives are lost in such accidents every year -- many of them are work-related. A significant number of the injuries result in amputations.

This lifesaving device can cause your death

According to the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, falls make up a significant percentage of workplace injuries and deaths in the construction industry. If your job takes you to elevated areas, are you confident that your fall arrest equipment will save you? Do you realize that, even if it arrests your fall, you can suffer suspension trauma and die?

Workplace injuries: Batteries pose an endless list of hazards

Safety authorities in California say every employee who works with batteries needs adequate safety training. Batteries come in power equipment on construction sites, in tractors, trucks and automobiles, and most of them contain hazardous substances like lead and sulfuric acid. Unless workers who maintain, recharge, and operate batteries know the risks and how to mitigate them, they can suffer severe workplace injuries.

Automated laser-guided vehicles can cause workplace injuries

Employers in California are responsible for the health and safety of employees, even when robotics and automated vehicles have replaced many human workers. In facilities where motorized laser-guided vehicles are used, employers must incorporate the safety requirements of the LGV manufacturer into the safety management of the company. Furthermore, human workers who share their workspaces with LGVs must receive safety training on how to avoid workplace injuries.

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