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August 2017 Archives

Employee rights: A 40-hour work week may give more flexibility

Interested parties in California are suggesting a change to the current rule that requires employees to work eight hours per day. Current law rules that employers must pay overtime at a rate of time-and-a-half for any additional hours worked. The suggestion is for employee rights to be altered to a system that will give workers more flexibility and save employers unnecessary overtime obligations.

Car accidents: High-speed head-on crash causes serious injuries

Motorists on San Francisquito Canyon Road might have experienced delays on a recent Wednesday evening when the road was reduced to a single traffic lane to allow the investigation of a head-on collision. Along with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, the California Highway Patrol responded to the crash. It is suspected that this was one of those car accidents in which excessive speed played a primary role.

Fast-food industry has troubling safety record

If you are one of many who work in fast-food restaurants across Los Angeles, you face unique workplace hazards every time you clock in for your job. This is particularly true if you are young and inexperienced, which is common in your industry because it employs so many teens.

Former Alfred Angelo workers claims violation of employee rights

Employees of large companies nationwide, including in California, are protected from unanticipated dismissals due to plants closing or mass layoffs. The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act is a federal labor law that protects employees of companies that have at least 100 employees. These employers are obligated to provide employees with 60 days' advance notification of any intentions to cease business in order not to violate their employee rights.

Are you getting a fair break at work?

For many people, taking a break is a necessary relief from the stress of the workday. Whether the break is 5, 30 or 60 minutes, you should not have to worry about working during that time or otherwise catering to your employer when you are off the clock. Unfortunately, however, this is a common occurrence. It happens in industrial environments, offices and other types of workplaces.

4 warehouse hazards that cause injuries and fatalities

Warehouse employees do a lot of hard work. Not only are warehousing tasks physically demanding, but they come with a unique risk of severe injuries and death. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the warehousing industry has a higher rate of fatal injuries than the national average across all industries. 

Fatal workplace accidents more prevalent with age

Figures released by the Associated Press after an analysis done of federal statistics of occupational fatalities nationwide reveal that the overall work-related death rate in 2015 showed a decrease when compared to previous years. However, deaths in workplace accidents among workers over the age of 55 were considerably higher than in prior years. In California, the rate for older worker fatalities was 60 percent more than for workers overall.

Cal/OSHA Reminds Employers To Protect Workers From Heat

Working outdoors in California during the summer can be more than uncomfortable - it can be dangerous, even fatal. Our state has numerous occupations that do not take time off just because the temperature rises. Having to maintain productivity outdoors when the temperature climbs into the triple digits puts workers at risk of dehydration, heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses that can cause serious injuries or death.

Study: Fatal work accidents far more common among older adults

A recent analysis by the Associated Press found that older workers are making up a growing proportion of the total workforce -- and also that they're at much higher risk for fatal workplace accidents. Are they more accident prone, more vulnerable, both or neither?

3 things injured company drivers should know

Employees whose primary job duty is driving may find themselves in a gray area of sorts when they suffer an injury. Because you do not work at a fixed job site and because you are often under supervision, you might wonder how to go about dealing with an injury that results from an auto collision or other incident. There are a few things that every company driver should know if they are in such a situation.

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