3 things injured company drivers should know


Employees whose primary job duty is driving may find themselves in a gray area of sorts when they suffer an injury. Because you do not work at a fixed job site and because you are often under supervision, you might wonder how to go about dealing with an injury that results from an auto collision or other incident. There are a few things that every company driver should know if they are in such a situation.

According to the United States Department of Labor, more than 1,750 deaths result from occupational transportation accidents each year. The following are three particularly important considerations to keep in mind after you sustain an injury while driving on the clock.

You may file for workers’ comp

Even though your injury took place away from a central work site, you can file for workers’ compensation because you were on the clock at the time of the incident. Workers’ comp is insurance every company should carry typically covers the cost of treatment for an injury as well as lost wages from time spent recovering.

Insurance may cover your injury

It is advisable to file a workers’ comp claim, but you may also be able to obtain coverage for the costs of treatment from your own insurance company. If your company required you to carry independent coverage, you may file a claim with your own provider, though this may lead to a sharp spike in the cost of your premium. It is best to seek coverage from your employer.

Getting treatment may be challenging

Though you may feel entitled to coverage from your employer, you can expect getting it to be a challenge. Many workers hurt on site with documented injuries have difficulty obtaining workers’ comp or further compensation from their employers, so drivers may encounter additional difficulty. A legal representative can help you fight for your rights after an injury

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