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Janitors face multiple risks of suffering workplace injuries

Janitors and cleaners often put their safety on the line. The Bureau…

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Hollywood magic makes janitor exploitation invisible

The big-screen movie theater experience has struggled to survive in recent years.…

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New rule to prevent workplace injuries caused by wildfire smoke

Safety authorities have taken steps to protect workers in California from the…

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Workplace injuries to hands and fingers can be life-changing

California employers might not pay enough attention to hand safety. Workers need…

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What to do if your workers’ comp claim is denied

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to protect employees that get injured on…

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Common workers compensation claims and causes

Workplace injuries are exactly that; common. Strains and sprains top the list…

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Unsafe trenches can cause deadly construction workers accidents

Despite the emphasis programs for trench safety run by the California Division…

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Workplace injuries: Workers and first responders need treatment

A recent incident in a grape vineyard in California led to the…

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