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November 2019 Archives

When can you claim workers' comp for pre-existing injuries?

Although state legislature administers the workers' compensation program of California according to the set of regulations they established, the program is there to have the backs of injured workers. The goal is to provide financial assistance that will relieve the burden of mounting medical bills and lost wages of victims of occupational injuries. All the same time, it protects employers from costly litigation if workers file lawsuits.

Construction workers' accidents -- the ever-present risk

The construction industry is dangerous. Regardless of how many safety precautions are taken, construction workers' accidents are relatively common. The Los Angeles Fire Department recently rushed to a work site at which a construction worker almost lost his life. The quick responses of co-workers helped, and rescuers rushed the victim to a hospital where he is now fighting for his life.

Back problems are the most common result of workplace injuries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says over one million workers in California and across the country suffer injuries to their backs each year. According to the bureau, these injuries make up one in five reported workplace injuries. Understandably, this also reflects in the workers' compensation claims that injured workers file each year.

Who cares about the health of healthcare workers?

While you save lives and work to improve the health of others, who will have your back? Does your employer prioritize employee safety, or are you exposed to infectious diseases without the necessary personal protective equipment? The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health requires employers to inform workers of the known hazards they may encounter and provide safety training and PPE to keep them safe.

Trench collapses cause many construction workers accidents

Cave-ins and collapses of trenches are high on the list of causes for death and severe workplace injuries on construction sites nationwide, including California. State and federal safety agencies prescribe strict safety regulations, along with guidelines to prevent trench-related construction workers accidents. Sadly, in many cases, profits are prioritized over worker safety, and some employers regard trench safety as too time-consuming and costly.

Wildfires in California pose high risks for workplace injuries

Wildfires in California can become life-threatening within hours. This was underscored when the fire called Maria recently spread across 8,000 acres within a few hours. With no containment, such a fire threatens the lives of residents and both indoor and outdoor workers. Furthermore, the risks are not over when the fire is extinguished.

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