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June 2020 Archives

Nighttime agricultural workers at risk of workplace injuries

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health announced new safety standards for nighttime workers in the agricultural industry. The need for new rules arose from the high number of workplace injuries that occur during night shifts. These are the first safety regulations issued specifically for farmworkers who work from sunset to sunrise.

Has your job left you with an RSI?

You might be one of many California workers who typically perform the same types of tasks, day in and day out, in the workplace. Perhaps, you drive a commercial vehicle to make package deliveries or work on an assembly line in a factory. Then again, maybe you're an office employee who spends hours on end sitting at a desk, typing, answering phone calls or doing other clerical work.

Truckers face multiple work-related safety risks

If you want to work in a safe environment with little or no risks, you should not look at a career in commercial vehicle driving. The United States Department of Labor says trucking is one of the most hazardous industries in California and across the country. It is worth noting that a significant number of the injuries truck operators suffer are not related to road accidents.

Fall from tree causes fatal workplace injuries in California

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has launched an investigation into the circumstances that led to the death of a vineyard worker. Reportedly, the incident that occurred on a recent Friday involved tree removal. Rescue workers from Cal Fire also responded after receiving an alert about a worker who suffered critical workplace injuries.

You rights to workers' compensation benefits

Most California workers find comfort in knowing that their medical expenses and lost wages will be covered by insurance if they suffer work-related injuries. However, gaining knowledge about the types of injuries and illnesses covered by the state-regulated workers' compensation program can be beneficial. The claims procedure could be complicated, and knowing that help is available can produce peace of mind.

Construction workers' accidents: Iron worker dies on SoFi site

The list of safety hazards on construction sites is endless. Without compliance with the safety standards prescribed by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, construction workers' accidents are sure to happen. Falls from heights are frequently cited in death benefits claimed from the workers' compensation insurance program.

Heat is not the only hazard to outdoor workers in California

How much do you know about Valley Fever? It is an illness caused by Coccidioides immitis fungus spores, which are present in the soil of California and other southwestern states. If your work outdoors involves any disturbance of the soil, you might not even be aware of the airborne spores that you inhale along with dust and dirt blown by the wind.

Heat-related workplace injuries continue to occur each summer

Each year, when the hot California summer months approach, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health urges employers to comply with safety standards to prevent heat illness. Each year, many employees are exposed to excessive heat, and in some cases, lives are lost. The agency's prevention standards are designed to protect all outdoor workers, including those in industries like landscaping, construction and agriculture. Furthermore, any worker who spends a significant part of his or her workdays in a non-airconditioned vehicle is also at a high risk of heat illness.

Workplace injuries: California tree worker electrocuted

Along with the risk of falling, tree workers face several other hazards. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health requires employers to protect employees from known hazards. The safety agency has launched an investigation into a case in which a tree worker suffered fatal workplace injuries.

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