Former Alfred Angelo workers claims violation of employee rights


Employees of large companies nationwide, including in California, are protected from unanticipated dismissals due to plants closing or mass layoffs. The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act is a federal labor law that protects employees of companies that have at least 100 employees. These employers are obligated to provide employees with 60 days’ advance notification of any intentions to cease business in order not to violate their employee rights.

It is under this act that a former Alfred Angelo employee recently filed a lawsuit claiming the company violated the employee rights of 248 workers who lost their jobs when the business closed in July. On July 14, the international wedding dress chain, Alfred Angelo, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. On July 13, employees were informed that the business would be closing the next day.

The former employee who filed the lawsuit claims no prior notice was given. The plaintiff seeks class action status because 247 others are similarly situated. She claims their rights under the WARN Act were violated, making them entitled to seek recovery of wages and benefits for the 60 days of notice they should have received.

California workers whose employee rights were violated in any way need not back off from taking action — even if taking on an international company seems overwhelming. The support and guidance of an experienced attorney who focuses on protecting the rights of employees are available. A lawyer can assess the complaints or allegations and determine the viability of a lawsuit. If there are grounds for a claim, the attorney will advocate for the employee every step of the way.

Source:, “Alfred Angelo employee: You violated our rights, owe us 60 days pay”, Jeff Ostrowski, Aug. 10, 2017

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