Which injuries are commonly suffered in truck accidents?


Occupants of cars, SUVs and motorcycles in California are typically at the highest risk when they are involved in crashes with commercial trucks. Deadly truck accidents can result from the slightest distractions of big rig drivers, and if passenger vehicles are struck, chances of catastrophic injuries and death are high. The sheer size and weight of a tractor-trailer can crush a passenger car, and it is not surprising that commercial truck drivers are required to have special drivers’ licenses.

Victims who survive the crash might suffer injuries that are not immediately evident and manifest over time. The injuries that commonly result from truck accidents include head trauma such as cranial swelling, concussion or other damage to the brain. Sometimes, the victim’s nervous system is damaged, causing spinal cord injuries that could lead to paralysis.

Furthermore, joints can be dislocated and bones can be fractured, while certain injuries could cause internal bleeding and organ damage. Even those who believe they suffered only abrasions and lacerations are advised to get proper medical evaluations. Injuries that were not noticed at first could develop over the following days and weeks, resulting in high medical costs, and they might even prevent the victim from returning to work.

Financial relief can be pursued, but the support and guidance of an experienced California personal injury attorney might be necessary. The lawyer can help to establish negligence, which could include malfunctioning parts due to inadequate maintenance, non-compliance with mandatory service hours or inexperienced drivers lacking proper training. Overloading and unstable loads could be to blame, or the driver could have been impaired. Once negligence is established before the court in lawsuits following truck accidents, the court can adjudicate documented claims for financial and other losses.

Source: consumersafety.org, “Truck Accidents“, Curtis Weyant, Accessed on Nov. 3, 2017

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