Who is at risk of drowsy driving?


You almost certainly have heard of drunk driving and probably distracted driving and drowsy driving. Practically anyone can be at risk of drowsy driving, but a few groups seem to present more dangers than others.

If you fall into one of the groups below and often drive tired, consider whether you should take your trip at another time, or if there are ways you can minimize your drowsiness and reduce the chances of an accident.

Shift workers

People working extended hours as well as shift workers can be almost six times more likely to drive drowsy. One reason for this is their sleep is often interrupted. For example, someone who works nights and sleeps days may not get a restful eight hours due to a ringing doorbell, children popping in or daytime obligations. This can lead to them being involved in an accident at some point.

Business travelers

Whether you are a startup founder, commercial truck driver or an experienced salesman, you may be one of the many businesspeople who spend hours on the road every year. It does not take long for these trips to become boring and for the lack of stimulation to cause your eyelids to droop.

People with untreated sleep disorders

Not surprisingly, you are more at risk of drowsy driving if you have a sleep disorder that is untreated or has not yet been diagnosed. In fact, some people with sleep apnea are seven times likelier to nod off while driving.

Young people

The 26-and-under set is another risk group, particularly the males. This age group is awake at later hours (between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. is when most drowsy driving accidents happen). Many people in this age group stay up later and may not always be aware enough of when they need to drive home and sleep. So, by the time they do leave for home, they may be too tired to drive safely. The bodies of young people also tend to require more sleep, and that can be an issue amid a whirlwind of socialization, part-time jobs, classes and sports.

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