Two ways to recover damages after fatal truck accidents


It is not unusual for motorists on California highways to feel threatened by big rigs sharing the roadways with them. However, a recent accident that claimed the life of a FedEx driver proves that the opposite can also apply. Reckless or negligent actions by drivers of passenger vehicles can cause the operators of tractor-trailers to lose control of their vehicles, with devastating truck accidents as the result.

According to a preliminary accident report, the crash occurred in San Diego on a recent Tuesday afternoon. A 55-year-old FedEx employee was heading west on State Route 905 when a woman who was traveling in the same direction came up from behind. For unknown reasons, she proceeded to pass the large truck on the right. This action reportedly caused both the drivers of the car and the big rig to lose control.

The truck smashed through the metal railing of a bridge and dropped to the road below — the driver was killed on impact. The 30-year-old woman in the sedan collided with the bridge railing. She, her husband, their infant and three other children all escaped without injuries. Authorities say the investigation is ongoing, but drug or alcohol impairment is not suspected.

In cases such as this one in which truck accidents were caused by the negligence of other parties while the operators were on duty, the surviving family members may have two options to seek financial relief. Firstly, they will be eligible for workers’ compensation death benefits that will cover end-of-life expenses and lost income. However, they might also have grounds to file wrongful death claims in a civil court for recovery of other losses and damages. The most appropriate step might be to consult with a California attorney who is experienced in both workers’ compensation and personal injury law.

Source:, “Collision kills FedEx driver, leaves family of 6 unscathed”, Abbey Gibb, Christy Simeral, Sept. 26, 2017

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