What are the most dangerous construction jobs?


Anyone who works in construction is in a high-risk occupation, but certain jobs are even riskier than others. Jobsite Magazine has compiled a list of the most dangerous construction occupations. We hope by better understanding these dangerous jobs, we can help workers avoid preventable accidents.

Working from heights

The most dangerous jobs in the construction industry involve working in high places. Many construction projects are dozens of stories tall, but it takes much less than that to create a hazardous working environment. A fall from even the first or second story can result in severe and even fatal injuries.

Working in high areas creates additional hazards, such as workers dropping tools and other equipment onto people below. The risk of falls from heights and other accidents can be mitigated by employing well-built scaffolds, guardrails, harnesses and other safety features.

The dangers of demolition

The very nature of the demolition process makes it a dangerous duty. Explosives, wrecking balls and gravity itself place workers in danger from falling debris and other hazards.

Heavy equipment accidents

Working on and around multi-ton construction equipment is dangerous, especially if workers and site managers ignore safety protocols. Those who operate such machines must be properly trained. Construction site managers should limit the people working near heavy machinery to the greatest possible extent to avoid preventable injuries.

The toll of toxic exposure

If you work around toxic chemicals, you are exposed to a constant source of danger on construction sites. While most construction accidents happen at once, toxic exposure causes harm over an extended period of time, eventually causing lung disease, skin conditions and other serious medical problems. People who work in sewers and ducts are especially vulnerable to this kind of injury.

Any job can be dangerous

Anyone who works in construction is vulnerable to accident and injury. Employers can reduce the likelihood of work accidents by implementing proper safety protocols. Workers who have suffered injuries have important legal rights they should know about.

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