Mistakes to avoid in a workers’ compensation claim


A workplace injury is a serious matter. When an injury keeps you from working, you miss out on precious income while also collecting medical bills as your regular monthly expenses continue. Workers’ compensation is supposed to help employees in situations like these,but it is not guaranteed. During the application process, a mistake can keep an employee from securing the compensation they need. Here are few mistakes to look out for after your workplace injury:

Not reporting your injury

After an accident, some workers may try and pretend nothing happened out of fear of losing their job. But without reporting the accident, your employer has no way of knowing they need to begin their side of your workers’ compensation claim.

Ignoring medical attention

You may not feel that your injury is a serious matter, but you still need to see a doctor after the accident. The resulting medical examination can confirm the severity of your injury, begin tracking the development of your injury and provide you with the necessary documentation you may need in your compensation claim. Ignoring your doctor’s orders can worsen your condition and also leave you liable for the consequences, so be sure to follow their advice.

Discussing claim details online

Anything that you say or do has the potential to become a threat to your compensation claim. Posting about the details of your accident or the following consequences may contradict your claim’s details, which can result in you becoming liable for your own injury expenses.

Acting on your own in your compensation claim

If you do not have extensive experience in the workers’ compensation claim process, there is a good chance you may make a mistake that you may come to regret. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you ensure you are completing your end of the claim in a thorough, efficient and timely manner and help you secure the compensation you need in the process.

Your attorney can also help you avoid these and other mistakes that may jeopardize your compensation claim. The guidance of a skilled lawyer is an invaluable tool in any legal matter, so be sure you have an attorney at your side to help you.

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