Discover the biggest myths about California Workers’ Compensation


Workman’s Compensation has served Californians for over 100 years. Though regulated by the state, private companies provide the policies that supply the needs of injured workers until they have recovered and can get back to work.

The average working Californian does not think much about workman’s comp until an on-the-clock injury necessitates additional income while you recover. Over the past century, much misinformation has clouded the perceptions of California citizens about this extremely important entitlement. Here are some common myths about worker’s comp.

Myth: your employer will get mad and fire you if you file for workman’s compensation

Workman’s comp exists in large measure to make sure you have the physical and financial help you need to get healthy and back to work. There are legal penalties for any employer who retaliates against a worker for filing a comp claim.

Myth: your employer does not have to offer you worker’s comp

California employers with any full-time workers must provide workman’s comp.

Myth: false claims and fraud mar the workman’s comp program

In reality, only 2% of comp claims turn out to be illegitimate. The program works well and fulfills its intended purpose.

Myth: my employer must be negligent before I can make a comp claim

Worker’s comp is not a means for businesses to atone for their safety lapses. The underlying notion is that, fault or no-fault when an injury occurs someone must shoulder the load as the laid-up worker recovers.

Workman’s compensation is a time-tested, well-regulated state-sponsored program. California workers should learn about this important safety net and never be afraid to employ it.

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