Preventing road construction workers accidents


Every California resident deserves a safe work environment and most employers strive to provide one. The problem is that despite every effort, keeping employees in some industries safe is a constant battle. For instance, preventing road construction workers accidents within the confines of the job site is often easier than protecting workers from motorists on the roadways on which they work.

Controlling the flow of traffic on the roadways requires careful planning. Many workers are dangerously vulnerable to being struck by vehicles in these zones. Government agencies are responsible for controlling traffic for pedestrians and motorists while employers work to keep things under control inside the work zone.

Part of the challenge involves making sure that traffic continues to flow as smoothly as possible through road construction areas. This means maintaining access to businesses and residences in the area, keeping traffic moving, and maintaining safety for workers, motorists and pedestrians. Numerous forms of traffic control devices may be required in order to make it work.

Cones, digital signs and physical barriers help direct traffic through road construction. In addition, many work zones will require an individual to help direct traffic, especially when traffic is reduced to one lane for both directions of travel. This individual is often more vulnerable than other workers since he or she essentially acts as the gatekeeper of the work zone, which means that individual encounters traffic first, and it may still be moving fast.

When road construction workers accidents happen, they can prove fatal. Those lucky enough to survive may suffer serious injuries that leave permanent marks. Workers’ compensation benefits will undoubtedly help with medical expenses and lost income, but in this situation, a third party claim filed in a California civil court against the driver involved may be appropriate.

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