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My Workers’ Compensation Claim Was Denied. What Now?

For those who have tried to navigate the workers’ compensation system on their own after an on-the-job injury, a denied claim may seem like the end of the road. Do not be discouraged. That is not the case. Claims are often denied at the initial stages. Appealing denied claims is a regular part of the workers’ compensation process.

Even if your claim was admitted, there are still many benefits to filing an appeal, such as:

  • Being able to choose a neutral doctor to examine your claim — There are always doubts when you go before the insurance company’s doctor to have your injuries evaluated. Their paychecks are coming from the insurance company after all. It is always best to have another doctor examine your injuries and provide an independent determination.
  • Having your claim heard before a state administrative law judge — At the initial stages, all evaluation of your claim is carried out by the insurance company and their doctors. Having the facts of your case heard before an impartial judge gives you the best chance of having all the facts come out, not just those that help the insurance company.

Help From A Former Workers’ Compensation Defense Attorney

At the Law Offices of Anthony Choe, we can help you take action to pursue your workers’ compensation claim even when you think you have run out of chances. With our deep understanding of the process, we know the next steps to take and how to make the most of them for you. Attorney Anthony Choe previously worked as a workers’ compensation defense attorney. He defended insurance companies against workers’ compensation claims. Now, attorney Choe uses what he learned in that role to help people get all of the benefits and compensation they are entitled to.

Do You Need To Appeal A Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim? We Help People In Los Angeles And Throughout Southern California.

A denied claim is not the final say on the matter. Turn to the Law Offices of Anthony Choe for help building an effective appeal. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 213-788-4448 or contact us online.