Car accidents: Crash victim sues Uber and their driver


The financial and physical consequences of crash injuries can be devastating. However, both economic and non-economic damages sustained in car accidents might be recoverable through the California civil justice system. For personal injury lawsuits to be successful, the injured party must prove the negligence of another party. Sometimes, other entities might be named as defendants along with an alleged negligent driver.

This was what a woman did after suffering injuries in a collision she blames on distracted driving by an Uber driver. According to court documents, the plaintiff used Uber services to take her home from work. She alleges the driver was distracted and disregarded a red light, which caused the Uber vehicle to be T-boned by another car in an intersection. She asserts she suffered abrasions, head trauma and a separated shoulder joint. She claims the latter required surgery.

The plaintiff also named Uber as a defendant. She alleges the company’s procedures by which drivers are informed about new rides involve text messages to which they must respond within 15 seconds or lose the trips. Drivers’ mobile phones must be on the dashboard at all times, and using them for maps and other apps causes further distractions. The woman alleges that Uber was grossly negligent by causing the driver’s distraction.

Court documents also revealed that the plaintiff claims to have already accumulated medical expenses exceeding $80,000. Furthermore, her injuries delayed her college studies for a year and also forced her to quit her job. She seeks over $1 million in damages. Navigating personal injury lawsuits can be challenging, and victims of car accidents in California typically rely upon the support and guidance of experienced attorneys in pursuit of financial relief.

Source: FindLaw, “Woman Injured in Uber Crash Sues Driver, Uber“, Molly Zilli, May 14, 2018

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