Car accidents: Hit-and-run crash kills tow truck driver


The California Highway Patrol asked the help of the public in the search for a hit-and-run driver who raced away from a fatal crash on a recent Wednesday. Hit-and-runs in relation to fatal car accidents are treated as felonies. According to a preliminary accident report, the incident occurred in the eastbound lanes of the 91 Freeway.

CHP says a tow truck was eastbound on the freeway at about midnight when the driver noticed a sedan that was on the shoulder of the road with a flat tire. The tow truck driver pulled over to assist. While he was busy with this task, another eastbound driver allowed his car to veer off the roadway. The car went onto the shoulder of the freeway and struck the tow truck driver.

The force of the impact caused the death of the tow truck driver, but the other driver allegedly failed to stop. Instead, he drove away, leaving the victim’s body lying on the roadway. Reportedly, a young child from the car with the flat tire was in the tow truck to be safe during the tire change. However, the crash apparently caused the tow truck’s window to shatter, showering the child with broken glass. The child was transported to a hospital with an apparent eye injury.

When lives are lost in hit-and-run car accidents in California, it understandably complicates the lives of the already traumatized surviving family members. They might be unsure of their chances to recover monetary damages. Although law enforcement typically catches up with hit-and-run drivers, in the meantime an experienced personal injury attorney can explore the possibility of obtaining financial relief through auto insurance. The lawyer can handle dealings with the insurance provider. Once the alleged hit-and-run driver is identified, the lawyer can advocate for the surviving family members by pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court.

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