Car accidents: Suspected DUI driver sends 10 to the hospital


When the negligence of one driver puts the lives of many others on the line, it could have devastating consequences. In many such car accidents, the at-fault driver is suspected of driving while impaired by alcohol. According to a media relations officer of the Los Angeles Police Department, this was the case when a multi-vehicle crash occurred in South Los Angeles on a recent Thursday afternoon.

Reportedly, LAPD received a report around 3:30 p.m. about a crash that involved three vehicles, one of which was a van carrying several children. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department says 12 people suffered injuries, 10 of which was transported to the hospital. Two victims suffered critical injuries, and the conditions of the other eight were reported to be serious. Six of the injured people were children.

An unconfirmed report says that two teenagers were trapped inside the wreckage and had to be cut from it. A preliminary LAPD report indicates that the accident was caused by a suspected drunk driver who smashed into the van. However, authorities underscored the fact that this was not confirmed.

Victims of car accidents in Los Angeles could be eligible to pursue financial relief if the negligence of other parties caused it. However, proving negligence in a civil court could be challenging without the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney. A lawyer can advocate for the injured crash victims and ensure all economic and noneconomic damages are appropriately documented for adjudication by the court. Along with medical expenses and other financial losses, claims can include emotional damages like pain and suffering and more.

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