Stunt-related workplace injuries lead to partially amputated leg


Following several stunt-related injuries, production was recently suspended for two days on the set of “L.A.’s Finest.” This time, it was not a stunt person who suffered workplace injuries, but one of the producers. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has launched an investigation regarding several questions about compliance with safety standards.

Reportedly, a video village was established behind a cargo crate from where two showrunners along with other producers were using monitors to watch the filming of the stunt. Under circumstances yet to be determined, the stunt driver lost control of the vehicle. The car smashed through the crate, and both the crate and the vehicle then crashed into the tent.

One of the showrunners became trapped, and although paramedics rushed him to the hospital, doctors could not save his leg. They had to amputate it below his knee. A Cal/OSHA spokesperson says the proximity of the video village to the stunt scene is one of the issues that will be investigated.

Victims of catastrophic workplace injuries in California are typically entitled to financial assistance by the state-regulated workers’ compensation insurance program. Medical expenses and lost wages are usually covered, along with vocational rehabilitation for workers who suffer injuries that cause disabilities. However, in a case such as this one, the accident victim might have recourse to more comprehensive damage recovery. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can determine the viability of a third-party personal injury lawsuit, and if grounds exist, legal counsel can advocate for the injured worker throughout the ensuing legal proceedings.

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