Top 10 OSHA violations: How to limit workplace injuries


Safety authorities in California say the recently issued report about the 10 most frequently cited safety violations in fiscal year 2018 could be invaluable for employers who prioritize workplace safety. More efficient safety measures will not only prevent workplace injuries, but they will also improve productivity, morale and the bottom line if increased insurance premiums can be avoided. Although the primary cited standards are the same as in previous years, the list underscores the need for additional attention to those risks.

For the eighth consecutive year, violations of general requirements for fall protection tops the list with over 7,000 citations. Next comes just more than 4,500 cases of ineffective or nonexistent hazard communication, followed by 3,319 violations linked to unsafe scaffolds. Numbers four, eight and 10 on the list involve personal protective and life-saving equipment violations for respiratory protection, fall protection training requirements, and eye and face protection.

Ladder safety came in at number six, following closely behind the almost 3,000 citations issued for lockout/tagout violations. Powered industrial truck-related workplace accidents led to 2,281 citations, and the lack of machine guarding were found to be the cause of almost 2,000 workplace injuries. The fact that the list remains nearly the same from year to year indicates that an alarming number of employers in specific industries fail to prioritize workplace safety.

Every worker in California is likely at the risk of suffering workplace injuries. Regardless of who was at fault, injured workers can rely on their employers’ insurance providers for financial assistance. An attorney who is experienced in dealing with the state-regulated workers’ compensation insurance system can help with the benefits claims process to obtain maximum coverage of medical expenses and lost wages.

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