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Truck accidents: FedEx truck crashes into car, killing UPS driver

Sharing the busy California highways with commercial vehicles can be dangerous. When passenger cars are involved in truck accidents, the occupants of the cars often suffer catastrophic injuries or worse. One such an accident caused the death of the driver of a car on Interstate 880 in the early morning hours of a recent Thursday.

Which injuries are commonly suffered in truck accidents?

Occupants of cars, SUVs and motorcycles in California are typically at the highest risk when they are involved in crashes with commercial trucks. Deadly truck accidents can result from the slightest distractions of big rig drivers, and if passenger vehicles are struck, chances of catastrophic injuries and death are high. The sheer size and weight of a tractor-trailer can crush a passenger car, and it is not surprising that commercial truck drivers are required to have special drivers' licenses.

How to drive near a semi truck

Accidents with tractor trailers are the most dangerous because of the sheer size of these large trucks. Consequences include severe vehicle damage, traumatic brain injury and other major bodily harm. Fatality rates in trucking accidents have increased, according to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Two ways to recover damages after fatal truck accidents

It is not unusual for motorists on California highways to feel threatened by big rigs sharing the roadways with them. However, a recent accident that claimed the life of a FedEx driver proves that the opposite can also apply. Reckless or negligent actions by drivers of passenger vehicles can cause the operators of tractor-trailers to lose control of their vehicles, with devastating truck accidents as the result.

3 things injured company drivers should know

Employees whose primary job duty is driving may find themselves in a gray area of sorts when they suffer an injury. Because you do not work at a fixed job site and because you are often under supervision, you might wonder how to go about dealing with an injury that results from an auto collision or other incident. There are a few things that every company driver should know if they are in such a situation.

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