Watch out for these 3 hazards at your local marina


Working at a marina, you’re in a unique position. Since your marina is on a land-locked lake, you’re not covered by the same kinds of workers’ compensation as seamen or workers on oil rigs. Instead, you have traditional workers’ compensation coverage in the case of an injury.

Marinas are often fun places to work, because you get to see people coming out to enjoy recreational boating or spend time taking care of the docks and local wildlife. You may be in charge of renting out boats and gear or handle boat tours on the lake.

There are some serious risks that you face when you work at a marina, though. Here are some to consider and hazards that should be addressed if they’re present.

  1. Gasoline fumes and spills

The first thing that many marina workers are exposed to is gasoline. If they help refuel boats as they return to land, then they could be put in harm’s way if the gasoline spills or if a fire breaks out.

  1. Poor housekeeping

There are many ropes and anchors to manage when boats return to the dock. Most boats should be tethered by rope, although some may use other methods. Workers should be careful of the potential for crushing injuries from getting hands or feet pinched between the boat and dock. They should also watch out for loose ropes and avoid slip, trip, or fall accidents.

  1. Poor boat maintenance

Another risk to workers is poor boat maintenance. For instance, if a worker is running a boat tour and the boat springs a leak, then they, and everyone else on board, could be at risk of ending up in the water. Hopefully, there will be enough life jackets on board, but if not, then there may be a high risk of drowning, hypothermia and other hazards.

As you can see, working at a marina is not without its dangers. If you’re going to be working at one, go over the safety protocols with your employer and don’t be afraid to speak out if someone you work with is not being safe or if you’re hurt on the job.

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