Workers’ compensation benefits available for commercial truckers


Although commercial trucks in California are regarded as dangers on the roads, the operators of these vehicles provide an essential service by ensuring the shelves of stores are filled with everything consumers want. However, few people realize how hazardous it is to be a trucker. Fortunately, the California workers’ compensation insurance program is fully aware, and it covers the many injuries and illnesses commercial truck drivers suffer.

Truckers can take some precautions, starting with wearing clothes and shoes that are not restrictive and that will be comfortable while they spend many hours sitting behind the steering wheel. The whole-body vibration that they experience can cause spinal problems if their trucks are not fitted with anti-vibration seats. Also, if the height of the seat, steering wheel, backrest and controls do not suit the driver’s height and weight, musculoskeletal disorders can develop.

Jumping from the cab can damage lower extremities. Missing a step as one exits the cab can easily happen because the long hours of sitting can deaden the senses. Truckers do much more than driving, and injuries while loading and unloading cargo are prevalent. Furthermore, loading docks and other surfaces on which they move are often cracked, covered with grease, oil or ice — all posing slip and trip hazards.

It is essential for truck drivers to be aware of their fatigue levels and take frequent rest breaks, during which they get out and walk around. Many accidents are caused by fatigued drivers who push themselves too hard. Victims of commercial vehicle accidents might find comfort in knowing that an experienced California workers’ compensation attorney can provide the necessary support and guidance throughout the navigation of the claims process in pursuit of maximum benefits to cover medical expenses, lost wages and any other applicable benefits.

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