Workplace injuries give rise to Cal/OSHA investigation


The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health reported an investigation that was launched after an incident that sent an employee of a plumbing company to a hospital. The agency aims to determine the cause of the workplace injuries that affected two workers as well as the employer’s compliance with safety regulations. They will likely focus on confined space procedures and safety training, and they will inspect the equipment. Cal/OSHA says there is no record of previous inspections at this company.

According to an incident report, two employees were working on the plumbing of a catering facility at San Francisco International Airport. They were in the tunnels underneath the facility, using a concrete cutter that was powered by gas. The exhaust fumes of the machine overwhelmed both workers, and although he was disoriented, one worker managed to make his way out of the underground tunnels.

He reported the incident, which set in motion a search-and-rescue mission to find his co-worker who had wandered off into the tunnel maze underneath the building. After searching for approximately two hours, rescue workers located the worker who was reported to be conscious and breathing. They transported him to a hospital in the area.

California workers who suffered workplace injuries can pursue financial assistance to help them cope with medical expenses and lost wages. An attorney who has experience in navigating workers’ compensation benefits claims can provide valuable support and guidance. Medical bills are typically paid promptly, and wage replacement starts after a specific number of lost workdays.

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