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Fatal workplace accidents more prevalent with age

Figures released by the Associated Press after an analysis done of federal statistics of occupational fatalities nationwide reveal that the overall work-related death rate in 2015 showed a decrease when compared to previous years. However, deaths in workplace accidents among workers over the age of 55 were considerably higher than in prior years. In California, the rate for older worker fatalities was 60 percent more than for workers overall.

Study: Fatal work accidents far more common among older adults

A recent analysis by the Associated Press found that older workers are making up a growing proportion of the total workforce -- and also that they're at much higher risk for fatal workplace accidents. Are they more accident prone, more vulnerable, both or neither?

3 common workplace hazards for janitors

Custodial jobs may look simple to others, but injuries are fairly common for janitors and building cleaners. There are various safety hazards and repetitive motions that can result in mild to severe injuries. If you are in a custodial occupation, you know that it can be hard - and sometimes dangerous - work.

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