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How a fall on the job may impact your future

Whether you work in a warehouse or on a construction site, danger seems to lurk around every corner. With access to heavy equipment and close proximity to other workers, threats to your health abound.

One of the most dangerous incidents that can happen on any job is a fall. Whether you find yourself slipping on something or falling off from a height, the ramifications may prove serious. Discover some of the ways a fall at work may impact your life moving forward.

Broken bones take time to heal

A fracture may not seem like a severe injury but think again. Falling from a height makes it more likely that you may crack a large bone or, even worse, sustain an open compound fracture. A bone break may take a couple of months to over a year to heal. You may require surgery and a lengthy rehab stint depending on the severity.

A head injury may sideline you permanently

Traumatic brain injury is something you may associate with contact sports and car accidents. However, a fall may yield the same type of impact to the brain, if not worse. When the head hits a hard surface, it may cause a concussion. Internal bleeding may result in building pressure in the skull, leading to permanent damage. A traumatic brain injury may leave your life changed forever.

Recovering from an incident at work takes time and money. Getting the financial support you need to mount a proper medical recovery may mean filing a workers’ compensation claim.


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