Car accidents: Impaired drivers kill 3 in 4 weekend crashes


Alcohol and drugs seem to be wreaking havoc on some California roadways. A 10-year-old Los Angeles child recently died in one of four fatal car accidents that occurred in Kings County over one weekend. According to California Highway Patrol, a driver who was under the influence of alcohol crossed over the center line of Highway 41 and crashed into a car with five occupants.

Another deadly crash happened when a suspected impaired driver traveled in the wrong direction on Highway 198. One approaching driver spotted her and managed to swerve out of the way, but the vehicle behind that one could not avoid a head-on collision. That driver lost her life, and a passenger was hospitalized along with the wrong-way driver, who suffered major injuries.

In another drunk driving crash, a motorcyclist was rear-ended by an impaired driver on Highway 198. The impact caused the driver to be ejected, and he was struck by three more vehicles; the 24-year-old biker did not survive. A 63-year-old driver also lost her life when she crossed into opposite lanes on Highway 41. She smashed into an oncoming car and caused major injuries to two passengers in that vehicle. This is the only one of the four accidents in which impairment is not suspected.

Losing loved ones in car accidents is naturally traumatic for the surviving family members. Along with the shock and heartache come the unanticipated financial consequences. Family members may pursue recovery of damages by filing wrongful death lawsuits in a California civil court. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist every step along the way in pursuit of financial relief to cover economic and non-economic losses.

Source: ABC 30, “Deadly weekend on Kings County Highways: Four fatal crashes, three involving drugs/alcohol“, Brian Johnson, Feb. 19, 2018

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